Inspiring and Educating People About the Bible

Inspiring and Educating People About the Bible

Meet Pastor Steve

Pastor Steve is a compassionate man – full of love, mercy, and grace. This ministry is dedicated to teaching the Bible and all of its aspects. Each weekly presentation explores the Bible chapter and verse. Presenting each Bible teaching in a positive way, the program is designed to be inspirational, thoughtful, and fulfilling.  Pastor Steve helps people with substance abuse problems, those who are lost, and ministers to people in prison. He is there for those who are hungry, downtrodden, or homeless.


5 stars 200w

Grant H.

“I’ve personally had issues with some conventional churches and the ways their leadership and congregation contradicted intended principles taught 

by Christ in their general demeanors and rigid social beliefs.
In meeting with Steve and listening to several of his sermons, I get a much different sense of God and a more
relatable teacher.
I think what makes Steve different is that he is consistent in what he preaches and how he treats others. I’ve confided very sensitive thoughts and feelings with him and never felt judged in the slightest way. He can meet me half way wherever I am and give sound guidance.
It’s also impressive that he studies Hebrew and Greek in order to read the Bible as it was written to capture and share deeper meanings within the scripture.
I look forward to hanging on for the ride and listening further as Steve continues his journey as a true disciple of Christ.”

5 stars 200w

Brian Gerjets

“I have known pastor Steve well for several years. He is a genuinely honest person, who is very adept on a wide variety of subjects. He is a very forgiving

understanding man, who like all true Christians is constantly looking for ways to improve. His knowledge of biblical history and scripture is such that I believe anyone who listens to his sermons will be well served to do so.”

5 stars 200w

Mark Campbell

“Because of Pastor Steve’s knowledge and experience with multiple translations of The Bible, he has the unique ability to accurately interpret the true meanings

of scripture.”

Join Pastor Steve and Explore the Bible – Chapter and Verse.

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“I love people. I love to help people. I want to be a guide. I want to be a light. I love God with all my heart and my entire life revolves around him and seeking him and serving him. I want to help people find their lives in Christ and guide them about how to worship. I want to obey The Great Commission and preach the gospel to all nations. I walk in love as an action and not just a feeling.  I have devoted myself to my studies all my life and I aim to inspire and educate people.”
-Pastor Steve

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